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Making our Food Sustainable: How Global Initiatives Link Food Security and Climate Protection

If you have been studying anything related to the fields of sustainability, ecology, and/or conservation and you have already completed a Master's degree, or if you are finishing your master studies, then you are elegible to apply for the participation in a very interesting international  project seminar  that will be held in 24. June – 02. July 2022, Siegen/Bonn

The topic is "Making our Food Sustainable: How Global Initiatives Link Food Security and Climate Protection” 24. June – 02. July 2022, Siegen/Bonn

This seminar is intending mainly two things: (1) to unite and (2) to give a strong and very specific impulse for sustainable development, especially for climate protection. The idea is to identify a "change making project" and to support it as a group by rising funds with a crowd-funding campaign. But the project seminar offers much more.


  • Providing knowledge and skills on hot topics of sustainable development such as sustainable food supply, food security, and climate protection by inspiring exchange with invited experts and other alumni as well as visits of international institutions of development cooperation, higher education, and private enterprises.
  • Learning how to “Develop a successful crowdfunding campaign“ and „Improve science-policy communication skills“ by participation in expert workshops and self-organized group work.
  • Special focus on good practice examples from other countries, provided by regional experts.
  • Be the change you are waiting for: Developing your own crowd-funding-campaign and a partnership for a self-selected climate protection project in the global south.
  • Strengthening the international network between each other and with other experts and initiators of sustainability processes e.g. by further profiling and broadening the ANESCo group and by meeting representatives of HEIs, development cooperation, foundations, schools, policy, administration and NGOs.

Since it is quite a big project and also sponsored by DAAD, we need to know the participants long before. Best you send your application as soon as possible.

The alumni project seminar will be held in English

How to apply

Please submit

  2. short CV with photo (ca. 1 page)
  3. short MOTIVATION LETTER including a description of your relation with and your expertise of sustainable food supply and climate protection (ca. 1/2 page)
  4. short DESCRIPTION of an already existing CLIMATE PROTECTION PROJECT in the global south as a suggestion for the ANESCo crowd-funding campaign (ca. 1-2 pages). The description should entail: (1) Project location, (2) leading institu­tion(s), (3) Project objective & tools, (4) brief project history, (5) effect on climate protection (if possible including yearly greenhouse gas reduction in tons CO2eq)

Please read all information before applying

Please send all documents via e-mail until April 3rd, 2022 to:


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